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Give your say! - Audio-monitoring in Mandat

This survey is carried out within the realms of a European research project called EAR-IT (www.ear-it.eu). The project is working on the existing challenges of using intelligent acoustic in smart cities and smart buildings. In this project real-life testing of intelligence acoustics for supporting high social value applications will be carried out. Thus, the aim of this survey is to gain insights into citizens’ view and perception of intelligent acoustics and audio monitoring in real world contexts.

The result of this survey will be used in research and development to influence the design of innovative technology taking students’, visitors and employees input into account. 

Questionnaire to citizens on Audio monitoring*

Presently, there is a technology installed in (here we will describe where the technology is installed). This technology will (briefly describe how the technology will function in Mandat in the three usecases).

The aim of this survey is to investigate the attitudes and thoughts among taking students’, visitors and emloyees about audio monitoring in their context, perceived usefulness and how it might affect their behavior. 

*By audio-monitoring we refer to any audio such as human speech, coughing, key-board sound, footsteps, car-noise etc.

All information is of course handled with confidentiality!

Hay 18 preguntas en la encuesta.